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Kickstarting The Internet

Over the past few months, there’s been one website that’s starting to make some pretty amazing things happen for creative entrepreneurs with great ideas.  That website is Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a funding website for people that want to start an independently crafted project that communities can rally behind to push it to fruition.   So you might be asking yourself a few questions…

What makes it so great?

The all-or-nothing style of funding.  Go out and find a great project that you can rally behind, pledge any amount you want, and raise awareness through your network to try to push it to getting made.  If not enough people rally behind it, the “backers” are simply not charged for their pledges.

Why do people back the projects?

Most do it simply out of the love of the project.  Although the creators further entice more backers by offering incentives.   Some examples of incentives:

“Pledge $5 now and you get a thank you on our website.”
“Pledge $25 now and you get the product itself when it releases, plus a name on our website.”
“Pledge $100 now and you’ll get a personal invitation to the screening of the film.”

These incentives can range from anything as simple as a thank-you to as elaborate as someone from the company flying to your house to give you a high-five.  How much are you willing to pay to get the next tier of incentive?

 What kind of projects get funded?

Any kind you can think of!  The set categories include:

Film & Video

But in addition to that the website even offers local kickstarters that you can back in your own community!

I love the idea of Kickstarter.  There are tons of imaginative people out there with great ideas that I can benefit from.  Sites like Kickstarter pave the way forward for consumers to feel more connected to the products that they love and support.  Check out some of the examples below, and definitely check out the website for a glimpse at some successful projects!

IMG Brings Entertainment Across America

IMG  Brings Entertainment Across America with Latitude-Global

PITTSBURGH, April 2, 2012 —–  Latitude Global, Inc. (LGI), expanding parent-company of the Latitude 30 family entertainment center, seeks to reach out from Jacksonville, Florida and into new territories with the help of Integra Marketing Group (IMG).  The new venue sites include Latitude 39 in Indianapolis, Latitude 42 in Chicago, and Latitude 40 in Pittsburgh.  The new venues will be developed, constructed, and operated using state-of-the-art equipment in 60,000 to 100,000 square foot premier entertainment venues.

IMG will be responsible for research and development of marketing campaigns and strategies for Latitude Global as it enters the development phase.  Taking the flagship venue, Latitude 30, IMG will focus efforts to improve all aspects of the business while maintaining the excellent customer satisfaction and quality already established.

Latitude 30 is the flagship location and future of family entertainment centers.  Boasting a massive 50,000 square foot facility, Latitude 30 has a multitude of entertainment options including an arcade, multiple dining options, full bars, and even a movie theatre all within the same building.

The Integra Marketing Group, “IMG,” has been helping businesses get to the next level for 22 years.  IMG takes an entrepreneur’s approach to viewing client’s needs and then pointing them in a direction that makes dollar sense for their company.  IMG has an eclectic group of marketers, public relations specialists, sales experts, and artists who collectively provide a creative solution to businesses.


Facebook Password for an Interview

I found a very interesting read today.  It’s a letter of resignation from a man who is leaving his job because of his company’s policy on reviewing applicant’s Facebook pages in an interview.  Check it out here:



Would you submit your Facebook password to a possible employer during an interview?  Answer in the comments or on Integra’s Facebook page!



SXSW Conversation Starter

So, if you haven’t heard, South by Southwest (SXSW) is going on right now!  Not sure what it is?  Basically it’s a week and a half long nerd and pop culture get-together in Austin, Texas.  Filled to the brim with latest tech, film, and music buzz.  Personally, I haven’t had the chance to go (YET!) but I promise you that I will be attending at one point or another.  I found a pretty neat infographic on Church of Customer with a some great statistics for all those going to attend that need a conversation starter.  Check it out!


Awkward SXSW conversation starter

Awkward SXSW conversation starter

7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Business

Social Media Examiner recently published a blog post on some really great tips that will help any business with their Facebook page.  It covers a wide range of changes like the new Cover Photo Images, Pinned Posts, New Apps, and other tools.  Check it out!

Integra’s Bringing Home The Manny’s!

Right around the beginning of every New Year, the group members of MCAN get together to celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments through the Manny Awards. These prestigious awards are given to the best that the group had to offer.  It is no doubt that we here at IMG are happy to even be nominated for some…  But we’re ECSTATIC to come home with two First-Place prizes!  So how about we take a trip back through the year and find out what IMG won!

Consumer Magazine – Fractional Page:
3rd place – Todays Home/Dwell Frac by Integra Marketing GroupToday's Home/Dwell Frac


Consumer Magazine – Full Page:
3rd place – Todays Home/Dwell full page by Integra Marketing Group

Dwell Full Page


Consumer Magazine – Spread, multi-page or insert:
1st place – Hauk Spread by Integra Marketing Group


Consumer Magazine – Campaign; 2 ore more pieces:
4th place – Hauk Campaign by Integra Marketing Group


Trade Show or Event Exhibit:
1st place – Sauer Trade by Integra Marketing Group

2011 was certainly a great year for IMG.  We’d like to thank our clients and all of the team-members here at the office who made these awards possible.

IMG Marketing Workshops

Improve Your Marketing Knowledge in Just Two days!

Are you unhappy with your current marketing or sales initiatives?  Think there’s something more you can learn to improve your company?  We here at IMG want to help you out through our workshops designed specifically to teach you the value of marketing.

After receiving some very positive feedback from our latest successful workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight this great opportunity for your company.

Check out these quotes from our participants:

"I didn't realize how much I did not know about marketing until 
attending this event. The team at IMG has a wealth of knowledge
and they do a great job engaging the audience in the
learning process."
You provided our team with great ideas and information in a manner
that was high energy and will have a positive impact on how we
approach our business.

Our workshop takes place over a course of two days.  The program is designed for our audience to better appreciate marketing and how good marketing drives businesses to success.  So you may not walk out with all the knowledge of a marketing degree, but you will find a deeper appreciation and understanding of the finer details you might be overlooking.

During the sessions, we review a whole host of marketing topics and tools such as Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization & Websites, Webinars, Social Media, Strategic Planning, Solutions-Based Selling, and Tradeshows.  By the end of the workshop we discuss how each of these topics relates back to creating a solid marketing strategy for your company.  And unlike other similar demonstrations, IMG’s focus is to keep the listeners entertained and engaged throughout the course of the two days.  This is accomplished through audience participation, enthusiasm, and hands-on workshops.

Check out the picture gallery below  and some additional quotes for glimpse into the seminar!

Additional quotes from participants:

IMG did a great job in preparing and developing my team around how
to include marketing as a strategic part of their business.
I now understand how getting 10% better in marketing will lead to
25% more sales with very little effort!

Want to find out more information about our workshops?  Call us at 724-200-0005 or get in touch via e-mail at Contact@img-group.com

The Halls are Decked and The Trees are Up!

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks.  IMG is up and running at full Holiday capacity.  We’ve been busy little elves getting everything hung, lit, and looking as festive as possible.  I suppose part of the allure of having our office in this church is how much space we have to decorate for holidays.  Check out all these decorations!

On behalf of the IMG family, we would like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year.