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IMG and Kissling Tax Method to Shake Up Salt Lake City


IMG is proud to announce that we will be traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, next weekwith Tim Kissling, CPA, author  of Think Beyond Tax Now, for the Kissling Tax Method Seminar. The seminar will be held on July 10th and 11th in beautiful Salt Lake City’s Tuscany Restaurant, where guests will be served not only a delicious complimentary meal, but also invaluable tax advice.

The event is the first of several, as Mr. Kissling plans to visit select cities around the nation including , bringing with him his innovative approach to tax saving strategy. The seminar will showcase Mr. Kissling’s tax expertise which he has developed for over 30 years working in the financial services industry and will outline his unique method for assessing, and dramatically decreasing, taxes.

IMG and Mr. Kissling have worked diligently to make this event something worthwhile for business owners and individuals alike–and it is a great opportunity for those who pay more than $50,000 dollars in taxes a year to learn how they can pay less in taxes and secure sound financial futures. IMG is enthusiastic to put on such an event with Mr. Kissling and cannot wait to get out to Utah and the wild, wild west.

The New Standard of High Design: Concrete Countertops

It’s more than just a trend. The verdict is out: concrete countertops are quickly becoming the the new standard for quality and distinction in interior design.


These sought-after countertops offer durability and a one-of-a-kind look. Every countertop has to be individually designed and poured and is sealed to protect against nicks, scratches, and bruises–making it an ideal surface for cooking, cleaning, or just showing off to envious guests. What makes these countertops even more appealing is the craftsmanship that goes into each creation. After all, it’s more than just a slab cut out of a giant rock.

For those concerned about being eco-friendly, these countertops also incorporate recycled and natural materials into the mix. Although it is most commonly found in kitchens, concrete design even goes to the bed, bath… and beyond! Countertop aficionados, interior designers, and creative homeowners everywhere are finally turning their abstract ideas into, well, concrete ones–and turning their kitchens, bathrooms, or living areas into spaces that are not only functional, but fashionable too.

To read more about concrete countertops on HGTV, follow this link: http://www.hgtv.com/kitchens/express-yourself-with-concrete-countertops/index.html

And be sure to check out the recent press release about our client, Hoadley Artisan Surfaces: http://imggroup.wpengine.com/img-helps-launch-new-hoadley-website-and-showroom-location

Integra Marketing Wins at Epcot


Integra Marketing Group, Inc. took home awards in multiple categories at the 2012 Manny Awards held January 20th at Epcot in Orlando, Florida.

“Another remarkable Manny Awards meeting and event,” Charles Verrett, the chairman of the award ceremony remarked.  “We return to our respective markets having learned a lot from each other over the weekend event.  MCAN is a great organization for the opportunities our agencies share.”

Gold Award in the following categories:

Consumer Magazine – Fractional Page

Sincerely Yogurt Clipper Ad

Mass Transit

Principle Energy Services Truck Wrap

Printed Card, Invitation or Announcement

Divine Mercy Academy “Night at the Races” Event Announcement

Silver Award in the following categories:

Corporate Identity Program

Sincerely Yogurt

Online Banner Ads/Pop-ups

Today’s Home “Luxury Has a New Look” Banners

Web/Online Campaign

PTC “Unlocking the Power of the Channel Teaser Videos

Bronze Award in the following categories:

Online Newsletter

Richwood Creations Informational Email

Press Kit

Latitude 42 Grand Opening Media Kit

Printed Consumer Product Brochure.

Richwood Creations Informational Brochure


Integra president, Charles Verrett was honored to accept the prestigious Herbruk-Fritsche Award for Public Relations on behalf of the Integra Marketing Group team for pro bono work created for the Richwood Creations non profit organization benefitting the Young Life Christian youth organization in Richwood, West Virginia.

Brainstorming Sessions by IMG…

Whether it be for a church that has growing pains, or a business that needs to get its employees to help solve their marketing issues so that they have buy-in, IMG’s proven brainstorming sessions can be a great tool to extrapolate ideas from your employees.  The same techniques that Fortune 100 companies use to gain a better position in the marketplace are available to your business through the experts at the Integra Marketing Group, Inc.

These sessions are available in full or half day sessions that will leave you and your staff with more ideas than you could ever imagine, create a sense of unity and build relationships through very interactive methods of taking you away from your world in order to think out side of the box.

Look at this list of companies that use these same trademarked methods:

Just look at these quotes following a recent IMG Session:

“We had fun”

“The format definitely brings folks out of their comfort zone”

“Invites creative and even playful thinking”

“Pushes the envelope”

“Ultimately gave us ideas that will prove very helpful”

“I have never, in such a brief period, seen more ideas flow”


Top Floor Artisans, Meet Top Floor Marketers

Meet Top Floor Artisans, IMG’s newest client. http://www.topfloorartisans.com/
Creative Artisans Hire Innovative Brander


NEW GALILEE, Pa. (January 3, 2013)

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. has been charged with rebranding Top Floor Artisans, West Mifflin, best known for its innovative custom concrete counter top designs. Rich Hoadley, president, sought out Integra’s team to steer the direction of the advertising and marketing of his highly creative products.

According to Charles Verrett, president of Integra Marketing Group, Inc., orders for custom designed finished goods have grown in the current business climate. “In a year of business fluctuations, Rich’s innovative designs have remained in demand. With Rich’s limitless creativity and our strategic branding campaign, we anticipate substantially greater growth for Top Floor Artisans this year.”

About Top Floor Artisans

Top Floor Artisans brings art, style and beauty with one of kind concrete pieces for every room.
A true artist and craftsman, Rich Hoadley is associated with the motto: “ARS GRATIA ARTIS” which translates to “Art for art’s sake.” He challenges potential clients to “defy ordinary.” “I do this because I love it, it’s a passion for me, and people see that in my work.”

About Integra Marketing Group, Inc.

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. has been creating solutions since 1989. We work with entrepreneurial businesses, with an overwhelming success rate behind us. We are solution based, making every decision with our clients’ profit in mind. Above all, Integra devises the Big Idea that will help our clients grow where they want to go.

For more information on how Integra Marketing Group, Inc. can help your company to grow, contact Chuck Verrett at 724.200.0005 or email chuck@img-group.com.

IMG Specialty

Let IMG Specialty be your place to shop for promotional materials.
Promotional products are one of the most effective and lowest-cost ways to brand your business. Visit imgspecialty.com and search through thousands of promotional products. You are sure to find a product that is perfect to brand your business.

The Integra Marketing Group assists Opening Business in Richwood, West Virginia to Fund Ministries

The new Richwood Creations WV Woodworking Facility at the Sheltered Workshop of Nicholas County in Craigsville has opened. The business has been formed as a combination effort from the First Presbyterian Church of Beaver, Pennsylvania, Young Life of West Virginia, and several people in Richwood included with the Family Center of Richwood.

The folks at First Presbyterian Beaver fell in love with the people of Richwood, including Chuck Verrett, founder and president of the Integra Marketing Group, New Galilee, PA. They were instrumental in the build-out and development of the Family Center of Richwood, five years ago. Then bringing a Young Life Ministry to Richwood two years ago and now as a way to continue to fund this and other Young Life Opportunities in West Virginia they are launching “Richwood Creations West Virginia”. “It is based on the philosophy of: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat for lifetime”, said Chuck Verrett, from First Presbyterian Beaver, who has been involved in Richwood since a World Servant trip in 2004.

The business will be headed by Brad & Emily Weckesser, who moved to Fayetteville from Brunswick Ohio. Brad was an Industrial Arts teacher at North Ridgeville High School with a passion for the wood business. Emily is a Design student at Concord University. They are celebrated artisans who have created beautiful wood and pottery products over the years.

Read all about their story on the Richwood Ministries Blog at: http://richwoodministries.com/

The wood products that Richwood Creations West Virginia include Christian plaques, cutting boards, coasters, frames and other high end quality wood products. These products are available on line www.RichwoodCreationsWV.com


The wood products have been donated by Bill and Sharon Glassock, and the Collins Company for this project. “This is a great building block additional products that we can offer at the Sheltered Workshops with the Laser engraver and custom wood working”, said Jim Gamble, Executive Director of Sheltered Workshop where the new entity will be leasing space.

The business plans to sell its products to the public online, through retailers (such as hallmark Card Stores), at events through the summer as well on-line through websites such as ETSV.com.

The Integra Marketing Group was instrumental in strategic planning, marketing, developing all creative materials including fundraising efforts to raise the dollars needed to build this business as well as business planning, hiring and the eventual launch of this business venture.




Verrett to Equip Professionals with AMMO

Chuck Verrett, the President of Integra Marketing Group, will be meeting with members from the Marketing Communications Agency Network (MCAN) in Jackson, MI, next Thursday to give a seminar on Asset Management Marketing Opportunites (AMMO).  AMMO involves forming strategic partnerships between our clients and other businesses to market their products or services in a way that can net them a profit.  Special thanks to RjM for hosting the event.

AMMO Marketing Class


Tasty New Client

Click for franchise information:

SY Franchisee Packet eFile-1

Integra is very excited about our new client, Sincerely Yogurt. With its roots in Cranberry Township, PA, it has quickly become the fastest growing yogurt shop franchise in the state. With its rapid growth, the company aims to provide its healthier eating options to more people in Pennsylvania.

The concept of the store is a self serve yogurt bar, where the customers choose from a variety of yogurts and then add their favorite choice of toppings. Customers call the shots and are able to live up to their own high expectation of what frozen desserts should taste like. With a variety of options there are countless combinations for our customers to enjoy. Sincerely Yogurt Inc. focuses on providing a variety of products and services that will appeal to many demographics. The organization is dedicated to proving to its potential customers, that everyone has room for healthy alternatives in their lives.

We look forward to our future with Sincerely Yogurt and the opportunity to bring this already great company to the next level.