May 9, 2012 Integra1

Kickstarting The Internet

Over the past few months, there’s been one website that’s starting to make some pretty amazing things happen for creative entrepreneurs with great ideas.  That website is Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a funding website for people that want to start an independently crafted project that communities can rally behind to push it to fruition.   So you might be asking yourself a few questions…

What makes it so great?

The all-or-nothing style of funding.  Go out and find a great project that you can rally behind, pledge any amount you want, and raise awareness through your network to try to push it to getting made.  If not enough people rally behind it, the “backers” are simply not charged for their pledges.

Why do people back the projects?

Most do it simply out of the love of the project.  Although the creators further entice more backers by offering incentives.   Some examples of incentives:

“Pledge $5 now and you get a thank you on our website.”
“Pledge $25 now and you get the product itself when it releases, plus a name on our website.”
“Pledge $100 now and you’ll get a personal invitation to the screening of the film.”

These incentives can range from anything as simple as a thank-you to as elaborate as someone from the company flying to your house to give you a high-five.  How much are you willing to pay to get the next tier of incentive?

 What kind of projects get funded?

Any kind you can think of!  The set categories include:

Film & Video

But in addition to that the website even offers local kickstarters that you can back in your own community!

I love the idea of Kickstarter.  There are tons of imaginative people out there with great ideas that I can benefit from.  Sites like Kickstarter pave the way forward for consumers to feel more connected to the products that they love and support.  Check out some of the examples below, and definitely check out the website for a glimpse at some successful projects!

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