April 9, 2012 Integra1

IMG Brings Entertainment Across America

IMG  Brings Entertainment Across America with Latitude-Global

PITTSBURGH, April 2, 2012 —–  Latitude Global, Inc. (LGI), expanding parent-company of the Latitude 30 family entertainment center, seeks to reach out from Jacksonville, Florida and into new territories with the help of Integra Marketing Group (IMG).  The new venue sites include Latitude 39 in Indianapolis, Latitude 42 in Chicago, and Latitude 40 in Pittsburgh.  The new venues will be developed, constructed, and operated using state-of-the-art equipment in 60,000 to 100,000 square foot premier entertainment venues.

IMG will be responsible for research and development of marketing campaigns and strategies for Latitude Global as it enters the development phase.  Taking the flagship venue, Latitude 30, IMG will focus efforts to improve all aspects of the business while maintaining the excellent customer satisfaction and quality already established.

Latitude 30 is the flagship location and future of family entertainment centers.  Boasting a massive 50,000 square foot facility, Latitude 30 has a multitude of entertainment options including an arcade, multiple dining options, full bars, and even a movie theatre all within the same building.

The Integra Marketing Group, “IMG,” has been helping businesses get to the next level for 22 years.  IMG takes an entrepreneur’s approach to viewing client’s needs and then pointing them in a direction that makes dollar sense for their company.  IMG has an eclectic group of marketers, public relations specialists, sales experts, and artists who collectively provide a creative solution to businesses.


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