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We're a creative marketing agency located in New Galilee, Pennsylvania.

It wasn’t easy getting the church into working order — the walls, heating, and electric all had to be replaced. The facility is now fully functional with top-of-the-line appliances, new furnishings and state-of-the-art electronic devices. Luckily, not everything changed. Integra has kept the exterior almost identical to it’s original condition. That, partnered with the interior’s high ceilings and stained glass has kept the church’s genuine aesthetic.

EntreSolutions copy        IMG is proud to welcome you to our office in New Galilee, PA.



We delve into businesses from the inside out searching for something specific — opportunity.


We are about business development. The Integra Marketing Group Inc. has been creating solutions since 1989. We work with entrepreneurial businesses with an overwhelming success rate behind us. We are solution-based, making every decision with our clients’ profit in mind. Our strategies are designed to make our clients successful. Integra devises the ‘Big Idea’ that will help our clients grow where they want to grow and go where they want to go. We are not your father’s advertising agency. What we do for you may consist of any one of our specialties: marketing, advertising, public relations,and/or brand management.

IMG is a “MCAN company.” MCAN is commited to the principles of advertising agencies and marketing communications, and bound by a dedication to excellence in advertising, marketing, and business communications.We serve consumer, business to business, industrial, direct response, and retail clients from independent offices located throughout the United States and Canada. MCAN consists of a team of talented agencies in non-competing markets, who share ideas, resources, creative talent, and professional council to better serve our client base.


We strictly adhere to methods that WORK

IMG utilizes and promotes a series of marketing philosophies and exercises which are expertly packaged into the following programs.


Ideas to move your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

Your company can benefit from these market-tested programs! Let the IMG professionals turn your business on it’s ear, and give you the profit formula to grow to the next level. It’s simple, just join us at our next event! (check for upcoming events)

Case Studies

IMG has been delivering award-winning marketing solutions for organizations of all sizes since 1989.

WEI Branding Campaign


WEI retained IMG to conduct a brainstorming session to re-brand and re-package their offerings in the United States. As a part of IMG’s Questmark Trademarked process, we conducted a Flash Flood Brainstorming session with the board members to extrapolate ideas for the future of the organization and show ‘what heaven could look like when they get there’.  WEI is a 15 year-old non-profit that helps hundreds of women in Kenya and other countries escape their path from poverty through providing water and business partnerships that build community and show the love of Christ.  IMG presented the new name to the Board with overwhelming approval. The campaign will launch in the fall of 2015.


Betsy Ann Chocolates

When Betsy Ann Chocolates came to Integra for a solution, automation had created a higher profit margin for their competition, but Betsy Ann was still known for hand made chocolates.

The strategy we chose was to transform Betsy Ann Chocolates from a “buy to eat” to a “buy to give” chocolatier. This would justify the higher price of Betsy Ann Chocolates.

As the keystone of the brand, we introduced the “Paras Truffle” as the premier luxury chocolate product in the Pittsburgh market.

In order to drive home the significant difference, when the Paras Truffle was launched, it was delivered by limousine to the South Hills Village Mall location of Betsy Ann Chocolates. A single Paras Truffle was transported on a pillow in a procession to the store that was heralded by the Pittsburgh town crier. The mystique of the Paras Truffle was successfully established.

The public’s perception of Betsy Ann as a luxury brand was achieved due to its association with the Paras Truffle, and Betsy Ann Chocolates became known as a “buy to give” brand.

Premier Therapy

When Premier Therapy came to Integra, it was clear that they needed to stand out in a crowded market. There were 20+ Premier Therapy Groups. It was essential that they differentiate themselves from the rest of the players.

Their big issue was they couldn’t get beyond their circle of influence. They need to market outside.

IMG completely changed their corporate identity with new logos, collateral materials including website, videos, business cards. We branded every product they offered and gave them a new way to market them.

We created videos featuring the president of the company, an approach that caused the organization to stand out in the field of competitors.


Leveraging a Multi-location QSR for Growth

  • Client: Subway
  • Task: Increase regional presence

IMG worked with regional Subway Franchises to build a presence in the market (257 stores) and jump sales to record levels…to the point that we were nominated the “agency of the Year” (they had over 150 Ad Agencies World Wide) and got a chance to present at the Subway World-Wide Convention in Washington, DC. (we didnʼt make it). Using our Trademarked AMMO System, IMG brought $250,000+ worth of innovative media to a promotion that worked through local TV stations and catapulted sales with no media buy. IMG also had an opportunity to work with Pittsburgh Great, (and creator of the ʻTerrible Towelʼ) Myron Cope in launching the “Kielbasa Sub,” which was great fun.


Equipped German Manufacturer to Launch New Products in America

  • Client: Kuppersbusch
  • Task: Increase marketability of client's product line

Kuppersbusch, (the inventor of induction cooking and based in Germany) made it easy for IMG to promote their innovative products. The problem was that many products didnʼt fit into American made cabinetry and made their targeted audience too slim. So, working with the Kuppersbusch USA President & CEO, IMG was able to provide a strategy and marketing plan that identified products marketability, so that they could be built and sold in the USA by their German Manufacturer. IMG created a “KU-dosʼ design program for their distribution channel that would allow Kuppersbusch to be seen as one of the highest-end products on the market today as well as compete in a crowded space of European stainless steel kitchen products.

Equipping VAR Channel for National Sales

  • Client: PTC
  • Task: re-energize PTC's US Channel Partners

Everyone in America owns a product that was designed using PTC Engineering Software, so when they came to IMG looking for solutions to re-energize the US Channel Partners program we were excited. IMG worked closely with the World-Wide Channel Developer to devise programs that would gain support with their channel partners as well as equip them to sell PTC products. IMG also conducted national marketing and sales training sessions for engineers that were forced to use the ʻotherʼ side of their brain to be creative making marketing recommendations to the VAR businesses server by PTC, (what a blast). IMG also was asked to present a ʻtotal re-brandingʼ of this channel gateway at the World-Wide Headquarters in Boston, we named ʻSerious Design.ʼ




Repositioning an Italian Brand in the United States

  • Client: Ariston
  • Task: Rebrand client's product as a high end, niche appliance


An Italian based company that was struggling gaining a foothold in the US came to IMG to re-brand them as a ʻhigh-endʼ niche appliance company that positions them against their competition, as well as help build-out their dealership distribution network. While looking from the outside-in at their company, IMG realized that they had one thing that others didnʼt… “Theyʼre Italian!” and Italians are known for style and fashion. IMG launched Aristonʼs “Kitchen Fashion” concept at K-BIZ the Kitchen and bath Industry show in Vegas baby with a bang. Our creation of a two story booth included a runway right down the middle to take advantage of all those beautiful models in Vegas that would help Ariston showcase our appliances (in front of a bunch of appliance guys). Needless to say it was a hit (and a lot of fun for all).




  • Client: Kindercare
  • Tasks: Launch + Development

The CEO of a newly formed division of Kindercare came to IMG in need of connecting the dots with their education business that was in need of a transformation. IMG helped Kindercare develop and launch what is today one of the largest K-12 cyber schools in America, (sold by our group). IMG took full ownership of the naming, brand and sales strategy, as well as implementation of “IQ Academy” as a national brand. The implementation included IMG sending a team to Wisconsin (in February) for a 30 day blitz with over 70 events in order to run, build, conduct PR opportunities, and market events to sign-up students that are interested in Cyber Education.

Bruster’s Ice Cream

  • Client: Bruster's Ice Cream
  • Task: Company launch + Brand building

Bruce Reed (the ʻBruceʼ in Brusterʼs) started working with IMG when he was a franchisee of ʻanotherʼ brand of ice cream and had the thoughts that ʻhe could make a better product’ (and he was right). IMG was instrumental in helping build-out the marketing legs of the second store (way before franchising) in a “Guinness Book of World Records” promotion using regional TV & radio stations as the judges to gain a name and a foothold in the market. Our early-on marketing laid the groundwork for a very successful company. Today Brusterʼs has over 300 franchised locations in several countries, including Africa.




Beaver County Christian School is not only a great place to get a Christ centered education, but the private school where Chuck Verrett (our founder) chose to send his 4 kids. IMG designed a new logo and self-liquidating excitement campaign that featured a plethora of products centered around the newly created theme “Biblically Grounded for Life” that showcases the essence of the school and its teachings.

Building a Business for a Charity from the Ground Up.

One project that has been an ongoing legacy of IMG is the mission work that we have done in and around the City of Richwood West Virginia. From the vision of the Family Center to starting a Young Life ministry to building a business to fund it all, IMGʼs involvement has helped to change many young lives in this small town forever. IMG created everything for this model, from strategy to design to implementation. Today, Richwood Creations products are sold worldwide and in great retailers such as Nordstrom.

Chrysler Corporation

Chrysler Corporation

IMG developed a dealer level strategy to integrate local businesses with the dealers and their employees. This program was tested throughout the Chrysler, Jeep, Plymouth and Dodge brands in a 4 state pilot program specifically designed to bring “qualified working patrons into the dealership” that were ʻendorsedʼ through the business where they were employed. The program featured providing the employee of the month with a new vehicle, having a catered lunch for key employees, a marked up-front parking space, paycheck stuffer promotions and a wall plaque recognizing the business and the employee. This program was instrumental in deriving a 34% boost in participating dealerships.

Hoadley Artisan Surfaces

  • Client: Hoadley Artisan Surfaces
  • Tasks: Rename + Rebrand

Formally know as Top Floor Artisans, who created and built some of the industryʼs best concrete surfaces was struggling with an old name from a former product line that the company evolved from. IMG totally re-named and branded the company to reflect the quality of products that they wanted to be known for. The implementation included: Website, Badging, Collateral, Sales and Reseller Strategy.

Fundraising for Capital Expansion

Fundraising for Capital Expansion

IMG created a ʻcapital campaignʼ that we named “Building on Tradition” that was instrumental in raising $4.3 Million to build onto the existing church facility. The building includes a multi-functional room that doubles as an events room where two Sunday Services are housed weekly, as well as an elevator that connects all 4 floors for the elderly. IMG strategized with the committee, provided all collateral materials, signage and indicia for the campaign.

Recruiting and Retaining Solutions for a National Flatbed Trucking Company

  • Client: PT Trucking
  • Task: Attract independent drivers to the company

PGT Trucking, Pat Gallagher (Pat Gallagher Trucking) is an entrepreneurʼs – entrepreneur and was IMGʼs first client in 1989. We are honored to have grown with PGT and worked on many, many initiatives over the years with Pat and his team. From branding to naming the road where their headquarters is located, IMG has worked through many programs for PGT in the past 24+ years are are very grateful for our relationship. A driver shortage in America has sparked several national programs launched to help ʻfill trucksʼ with drivers and Independent Contractors over the years, one that sticks out is the “drivers-drive” where existing and new drivers could win a new Ford F150 4X4 (nice one – Patʼs a class act) EVERY MONTH, just for referring a driver that stays over 90 days.

Ovis Solutions

  • Client: Ohio Valley Imaging Solutions
  • Task: Rebrand + Customer Aquisition

You donʼt have to be a rocket scientist (but close) to understand Nuclear Imaging; however, IMG was able to ʻdumb downʼ OVISʼs offerings and package them in a way that was appealing to the potential buyer. IMG did a name change (they were Ohio Valley Imaging Services) because of the nationally recognized work that OVIS is doing as well as a Re-Branding of the company – followed by the launch a “Unique Solutionsʼ sales strategy and campaign to attract new business.

Capital Campaign to Build New Facility

Capital Campaign to Build New Facility

  • Client: YMCA Beaver County
  • Tasks: Fund Raising + Launch

Building a much needed new YMCA was a priority with a group of very committed local businessmen. Working beside them, IMG strategically raised a successful $2 million capital campaign that helped build the YMCA that Beaver Countians deserve. IMG committed resources for sales strategy, collateral and implementation.

Brighton Hot Dog Shoppes

  • Client: Brighton Hotdog Shoppes
  • Task: Increase brand recognition

Our “Frankie goes on Vacation Promotion” was one of the coolest promotions that we ever did at IMG. We created these ʻhotdog beanie babiesʼ and sold them for $5 (the money went to charity) and also gave away nice prizes if you took Frankie on vacation with you and then sent in a photo of him. Besides the ones that we canʼt talk about, we got a ton of photos of Frankie that we placed in all the locations. From Frankie strapped to a F-15 flying over Iran to sun bathing in Florida with the girls, this was a winner campaign for all.

Todayʼs Home, TH Trade & DFO

  • Client: Today's Home
  • Task: Branding Strategy

Working with CEO & President Jeff Lenchner, IMG was able to help re-create a brand for Jeffʼs businesses in a suffering and drastically changing industry (the furniture trade) with innovative methods of repositioning his brands as high-end industry leaders and conducting events from designers such as: The Keno Brothers, Dwell Studios, Drexel Heritage. IMG launched three new websites and campaigns for each brand that the Lenchner family owns and created a campaign to bring together products that normally would be taboo to be seen under the same roof, as well as help establish a position as ʻtop designersʼ in the Pittsburgh market.

“Top of the Hill” Positioning in Appliance Brand Lines

  • :

Tim Hildebrand CEO & President is the reason IMG has had several appliance clients over the years, Tim is not only a client, but a friend. When Tim broke away from his parents’ appliance business he set-out to become the leader in a niche of ʻhigh- end productsʼ and man has he proved himself. Hillmon is the brand that all other dealers aspire to be when they grow up, (nationally) and IMG is proud to be a part of that progression, from original logo design, to sales strategy, store design, TV, radio, print, electronic and implementation IMG is proud to have been a part of this success story.

Tactically Planned Grand Opening for a New Logistics Company

Tactically Planned Grand Opening for a New Logistics Company

  • Client: PLS

Pittsburgh Logistic Systems (PLS), what a fun company to watch, Gregg Troian CEO & Founder of PLS was an employee of PGT who spun off a business that went to the moon. From “Best Place to work, to the fastest growing…” under Greggʼs helm PLS has grown to be a national leader in logistic solutions. IMG has been a part of PLS from the beginning, but one event that will stick out in our history is the ʻgrand-openingʼ event that we had in the atrium lobby. All politicians and local celebrities were present, we had a balloon rise and drop from the 5 story atrium – but in the balloons were prizes (including a weekend in London) all donated through vendors (thanks to AMMO concept) and patrons were busting them open to see who won what – It sounded like fireworks in the building, the event was great!

BAKER Engineers

BAKER Engineers

  • Client: BAKER
  • Task: Manage client's grand opening

At the newly build World-Wide Headquarters, IMG conducted the grand- opening event including collateral leading up to the event, that was second to none, including commissioning an artist to do a rendering in their lobby. The celebrity filled event signified the beginning of a synergistic approach that is the reason Baker is a world leader in creating solutions for infrastructure and environment.


  • Client: ADC Co-Op
  • Task: Attract dealers to ADC network

A leader in Appliance Distribution, IMG worked with the CEO to strategize and build-out a network of offerings and events to attract dealers to this network. IMG also created programs with manufacturers (Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, LG, and Fridigaire) to build sales through vertical sales windows with select products that are timely for the consumer. The promotions that were developed included: video instructions, POS materials, window & floor stickers, appliance tags, TV & radio spots, print ads, banner ads, streamers and signage.

Reinvigorating a Brand to Attract a Higher End Audience

Itʼs always 70 at Wade, this Campaign and some of the coolest wrapped vehicles you will ever find are a part of what IMG did with CEO & President Bob Wade. A total re-branding and sales and marketing campaign was launched for Wade that told the customer that if you want your home like ours, you need us. Wades unique ability to engineer and implement any HVAC job as well as their location made them a prime candidate to go after the high-end market and new homes building. IMG designed a whole new look for Wade that included: logo, theme, vehicles, building signage, trade booth, collateral, advertising (TV, radio, Print, Electronic, Social) and presentation.

LSBC (leaders Serving Beaver County)

LSBC (leaders Serving Beaver County)

IMG was instrumental at the ground level with this organization positioning it as a ʻleadershipʼ organization that touts within the market that it serves. IMG launched the organization (and leveraged all its entrepreneur clients as speakers) in an event targeted toward ʻwanna be entrepreneursʼ called: stating with Faith!. IMG provided total branding, strategy and implementation of concepts developed for LSBS, and more recently held a board member ʻFlash-Flood Brainstorming Sessionʼ at our headquarters.

JA Sauer Company

  • client: JA Sauer Company
  • Task: Create brand awareness among residential customer base

As a very established name known in the commercial HVAC market, IMG was brought in to help JA Sauer build out the more lucrative residential portion of their business (which is about 25%) and regain a position in the market. IMG created a sales and marketing strategy that ʻput them on the mapʼ with the residential audience and created brand awareness for their newly targeted audience. Using the great commercial name to build-upon, IMG launched a “Now you can get our experts” strategy that has helped give JA Sauer name recognition in the crowded residential HVAC space. Work included, new logo, re-branding, trade show, DVD and all medias.

AMMO and Rebranding on a Luxury Level

  • Client: Hauk Designs
  • Task: Brand Launch

When looking at what designer, Kenny Hauk is capable of, IMG made a recommendation that he evolve and spin-off a separate business from his “River Raider Off Road” Jeep Parts business and sell a build vehicle to a very high-end audience. IMG totally packaged this brand and launched it at the after-market car show in Las Vegas, SEMA. The

product was sold world-wide to clients from China to Dubai and has been written up in many international publications. The DuPont Registry (and getting to meet Tommy DuPont) was significant in launching this brand and sales campaign that came to life as a result of IMGʼs Trademarked AMMO Process.

PA Cyber

PA Cyber

Nick Trombetta, Founder & CEO is a social entrepreneur and we have had the honor to work with him from the beginning of PA Cyber. When IMG started with PA Cyber they had no money, no employees and about 50 students and a dream. We were able to bring to vision (with Nick of course) a school that today handles over 11,000 students and $100 Million Dollars. The first order of business for IMG was convincing the state legislators that there should be ʻcyber education in Pennsylvania followed by a PR campaign that convinced the Governor (turned Homeland Security Director) Tom Ridge to speak at our first graduation (via cyber video). One of Nicksʼs quotes about IMG is that “IMG has a unique ability to see the end in the beginning” (referring to our building conversion and his cyber school idea).

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