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Nanocoating Plasma

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Nanocoating Plasma

Typical Inventor/ Entrepreneur Yuri

It sounds crazy, a physicist from Berkley comes up to me after finding out that I am a marketing guy and says:“Can you help me?” I put all my resources into building a state-of-the-art invention that will change the way the world thinks about replacement body parts forever.

Ok, you got my attention Yuri, now what…

Recently while at a trade show in Silicon Valley for 3D Printing, I ran into a gentleman that spoke broken English, who was walking around the show with a printed Power Point presentation that visualizes and explains what he had been working on for years and how he was able to bring it to life. He created a machine (for lack of a better word) that enables one to use silicon and ceramic to print [as does a 3D printer] objects that could be inserted into humans, thus replacing their body parts. I assumed he meant bones, and stints, etc., but who knows – that’s irrelevant to my point.

Yuri, explained that he has something that could change the world of medicine and wanted to know how and if my company could help him package and sell it to a larger medical group, investors, additional grant writers or sell it off. And I responded, of course, “If it is what you say it is, right? There’s only one problem…”

Yuri spent every resource he has developing, building, patenting what he can do, and has nothing left but to sell it off. No additional marketing or packaging or sales dollars what-so-ever.

While this may sound crazy – in my 25 years in the marketing business, this is ‘A Typical’ of what happens. We have seen many, many, many great inventions and concepts walk through our doors in search of a firm that will help them strike it BIG, once they are packaged, branded and the targeted prospect [those who want what they have] is identified. NO CRAP! That’s the hard part (OK, maybe not in all cases), but knowing who, how, and what they would spend to purchase what you have spent all your efforts to build, is kinda a ‘first step’ process wouldn’t you think?

On the opening page of our website it says: “96.5% of all US Patents are never monitored” that is: THEY DON’T MAKE A DIME! Many have spent years to develop, spent crazy money to make sure that no one can steal their idea or product with an attorney, and they have no idea how to make money with it. It goes on to say: “We concentrate on the 3.5%” in-other-words how to make money with it!

I so much wanted to tell Yuri this, but couldn’t. Who knows, maybe he will run into someone who would buy what he built. But, wouldn’t it be better if we had identified that BEFORE we started spending money to build the product? That’s the SALES DRIVEN Approach @IMG.


Every entrepreneurial organization knows that for an idea to grow there needs to be a vision and specific strategic goals. Sustainable Mission Partners (SMP) partnered with IMG staff to help them see the big picture and build a true infrastructure for one of their clients. SMP is a non-profit Christian organization committed to sharing the gospel around the country to educate young adults about the importance of purity before marriage, as well as

seeking better ways to connect with young adults and their parents.

IMG hosted, at its headquarters, a whiteboard session to create a new name for a parent organization that would better explain and help to re-package their offerings to donors and potential consumers. The session was intended stimulate creative ideas and engage the leadership in the process so they have ownership in the organizations’ future outreach offerings. After an extensive and engaging time of sharing great ideas, the team was successful in creating an exciting new name that all feel will work for the new umbrella organization.

IMG looks forward to continue working with SMP as they roll out their client’s new brand and identity. (We can’t tell you it, because we need to make sure all the legal is done first.)

Be sure to watch for this exciting new brand launch in the coming months.

IMG Re-Brands Seattle based Non-Profit

WEI #3

WEI (Women’s Enterprises International) retained IMG to conduct a brainstorming session to re-brand and re-package their offerings in the United States. As a part of IMG’s Questmark Trademarked process, we conducted a Flash Flood Brainstorming session with the board members to extrapolate ideas for the future of the organization and show ‘what heaven could look like when they get there’.  WEI is a 15 year-old non-profit that helps hundreds of women in Kenya and other countries escape their path from poverty through providing water and business partnerships that build community and show the love of Christ.  IMG presented the new name to the Board with overwhelming approval (we can’t tell you yet) as a part of our campaign that will launch in the fall of 2015.

How Serious Are we about Our Clients? Serious as an ‘ART ATTACK!

Only Integra Marketing Group can make “SERIOUS” work “FUN”

Our passion for our clients’ success comes across through every detail.
Chalk it up to our CREATIVES to come up with tactics to remember.

Save the blackboards for school! At Integra we take you to school on the chalkboard of real world marketing:
• Sidewalk Chalk: check.
• Covered entranceway: check.
• Client enroute to building: check.
• Strategic road sign welcoming committee: check.
• Out of the box guerilla marketing innovation: check.
• Greeting guests before and after a presentation to remember: check!

2013 Manny Awards


Integra Marketing Group, Inc., was in sunny Naples Florida this past January for the 2013 Manny Awards. At the Manny’s this year we were honored by the MCAN group with numerous awards in the following categories.

Silver – Richwood Creation / Nordstrom

Press Kit (B2B)
Silver – Kissling Tax Method

Business-to-Business Mailer Campaign
Bronze – Ellwood City Hospital

Trade Show or Event Exhibit
Bronze – Premier Therapy

Integra Provokes Another Flash Flood of Winning Ideas

NEW GALILEE, Pa. (January 30, 2014)

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. hosted Leaders Serving Beaver County (LSBC) in a thought provoking exercise known in the industry as Flash Flood Brainstorming. IMG has conducted its own version of this exercise used for stimulating creative thinking in groups as diverse as a San Diego financial giant to small businesses as well as staff of churches in Pennsylvania.

Held in the IMG headquarters, which is housed in a converted and redesigned former church building, the teams were spread out throughout the commons area and executive offices. It did not take long for each team to become engaged and invested in the dynamic game-play and competition that are a part of the exercise.

“It was fun to watch the light bulbs go on for some of our local business leaders as my staff and I guided them through the series of exercises,” Charles Verrett, Integra president observed. “Every time we conduct one of these sessions, it’s a new and exciting experience for us, as we watch our clients’ experience this process for their first time.”

A follow up survey revealed that the participants were excited about the results as well.

It took me awhile to completely grasp the process, but listening to Chuck and the young fellow from IMG that was on my team, I found that it was a program that could help open minded leaders build their business and could help LSBC grow – Don

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was impressed with the process and the results. It is a crazy fun way to get people to think outside of the box – Jack

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. conducts Flash Flood Brainstorming for small businesses or for leadership within larger organizations or corporations. For more information on how IMG can turn the light bulb for you with a Flash Flood Brainstorming session contact Charles Verrett at chuck@img-group.com.

Introducing BOOST!

In just 21 days, The Boost Team will turn your business on its ear and give your business a profit formula to grow your business to the next level

Boost is for entrepreneurs whose business has gotten old or stale.

Boost is for entrepreneurs who struggle with the mindset and strategy issues.

Boost is for entrepreneurs who need tactical advice to get more traffic and sales conversions

We will come in and turn over the stones; ask stupid and insightful questions and look at your branding, sales messages, public relations, social media, and outbound marketing initiatives from the business and customer perspective.


Week One: we brainstorm with your team and identify your pain points

Week Two: we unleash our creative genius

Week Three: we sober up and identify and refine the ideas and tactics with critical value that translates into making your business healthier.

Week Four:  Day 21, we present the Boost Marketing Idea (BMI) that will help you with the ideas that your business needs and can afford

While the BOOST idea may seem to be unconventional or even a new twist on a current process or sales technique; but it will make a difference in your business.

The BOOST  BONUS: You will also gain an additional two BOOSTER ideas that will enrich the power of  concept.

Warning: BMI are ideas and not finished programs but they will point you in the right direction to move your business forward.  Don’t try Boost unless you are ready to be successful.

Ellwood City Hospital 100th Anniversary

Ellwood City Hospital is celebrating 100 years from its humble beginnings as a 10-bed facility in a residential home on Crescent Avenue to the present, modern complex, which offers the latest medical technology. The Hospital employs over 400 people and has been an integral part of the community. There will be a number of special events and programs to mark this milestone.

Join IMG in celebrating this special 100th Anniversary. Visit ECH100.org to find out more.

IMG Creates Catharsis for San Diego Financial Firm

NEW GALILEE, Pa. (June 2013)–In an ongoing desire to shift the paradigm in ways to serve clients, Integra Marketing Group, Inc. added Flash Flood Brainstorming to its arsenal of effective creative brainstorming tools. Developed as a tool to utilize catharsis producing (i.e. “flash flood”) techniques and category concepts as well as “100 mph thinking” in a series of directed activities to enable corporate clients to perform transformative self-assessment and evaluation.

This hybrid-brainstorming program is one of several approaches that Integra has successfully used for multiple organizations, from national companies to local churches. This brainstorming tool is often used as one of the first steps for a company to move forward in retooling a particular aspect of its organization.

Recently, Integra used the Flash Flood Brainstorming program with one of the top financial service organizations in the USA. Held in San Diego, Calif., the goal was to create a relaxed yet energized atmosphere in which these professionals could discover new ways to critically view and improve their organization.

Chuck Verrett, president of IMG, knows what it takes to break down the barriers of corporate clients. He said, “Imagine the daunting task of getting full and unencumbered involvement from a company of financial services employees! This April, my team took a roomful of accountants, financial advisors, analysts and executive management, and we tore down barriers to allow employees to think outside of the box.”

The atmosphere is conducive to also break through obstructions of corporate culture, allowing for management to productively participate alongside employees in a relaxed game-type environment. The leader’s questions provoke answers that are so ridiculous that participants are not intimidated by the performance of their peers.

“Not only did we harvest powerful information we were able to apply in our Questmark Analysis, but the employees and executive team enjoyed the exercise that helped them to make vital discoveries. This was a result of breaking down inter-departmental barriers and enabling the opportunity for social interaction in a controlled exercise,” said Verrett.

The Logic of Great Logos

For most businesses, a logo is the first thing a potential customer notices. This means that a companies logo must not only be recognizable but also reflect the positive feelings that a customer should feel when working with the business. The importance of brand recognition has been proven effective by experts time and again but brand feeling is often overlooked by businesses. When a logo”s feel does not match up the the companies ideology, the customer has mixed feelings when seeing the brand the next time.

Check out this article that illustrates some brands that recently revamped their logo in order to portray a different feeling in the company for the customers: http://www.forbes.com/sites/gyro/2013/07/23/why-your-logo-needs-to-ignite-emotions/