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IMG Creates Catharsis for San Diego Financial Firm

NEW GALILEE, Pa. (June 2013)–In an ongoing desire to shift the paradigm in ways to serve clients, Integra Marketing Group, Inc. added Flash Flood Brainstorming to its arsenal of effective creative brainstorming tools. Developed as a tool to utilize catharsis producing (i.e. “flash flood”) techniques and category concepts as well as “100 mph thinking” in a series of directed activities to enable corporate clients to perform transformative self-assessment and evaluation.

This hybrid-brainstorming program is one of several approaches that Integra has successfully used for multiple organizations, from national companies to local churches. This brainstorming tool is often used as one of the first steps for a company to move forward in retooling a particular aspect of its organization.

Recently, Integra used the Flash Flood Brainstorming program with one of the top financial service organizations in the USA. Held in San Diego, Calif., the goal was to create a relaxed yet energized atmosphere in which these professionals could discover new ways to critically view and improve their organization.

Chuck Verrett, president of IMG, knows what it takes to break down the barriers of corporate clients. He said, “Imagine the daunting task of getting full and unencumbered involvement from a company of financial services employees! This April, my team took a roomful of accountants, financial advisors, analysts and executive management, and we tore down barriers to allow employees to think outside of the box.”

The atmosphere is conducive to also break through obstructions of corporate culture, allowing for management to productively participate alongside employees in a relaxed game-type environment. The leader’s questions provoke answers that are so ridiculous that participants are not intimidated by the performance of their peers.

“Not only did we harvest powerful information we were able to apply in our Questmark Analysis, but the employees and executive team enjoyed the exercise that helped them to make vital discoveries. This was a result of breaking down inter-departmental barriers and enabling the opportunity for social interaction in a controlled exercise,” said Verrett.

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