June 3, 2015 Integra1


Every entrepreneurial organization knows that for an idea to grow there needs to be a vision and specific strategic goals. Sustainable Mission Partners (SMP) partnered with IMG staff to help them see the big picture and build a true infrastructure for one of their clients. SMP is a non-profit Christian organization committed to sharing the gospel around the country to educate young adults about the importance of purity before marriage, as well as

seeking better ways to connect with young adults and their parents.

IMG hosted, at its headquarters, a whiteboard session to create a new name for a parent organization that would better explain and help to re-package their offerings to donors and potential consumers. The session was intended stimulate creative ideas and engage the leadership in the process so they have ownership in the organizations’ future outreach offerings. After an extensive and engaging time of sharing great ideas, the team was successful in creating an exciting new name that all feel will work for the new umbrella organization.

IMG looks forward to continue working with SMP as they roll out their client’s new brand and identity. (We can’t tell you it, because we need to make sure all the legal is done first.)

Be sure to watch for this exciting new brand launch in the coming months.

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