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Top Floor Artisans, Meet Top Floor Marketers

Meet Top Floor Artisans, IMG’s newest client.
Creative Artisans Hire Innovative Brander


NEW GALILEE, Pa. (January 3, 2013)

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. has been charged with rebranding Top Floor Artisans, West Mifflin, best known for its innovative custom concrete counter top designs. Rich Hoadley, president, sought out Integra’s team to steer the direction of the advertising and marketing of his highly creative products.

According to Charles Verrett, president of Integra Marketing Group, Inc., orders for custom designed finished goods have grown in the current business climate. “In a year of business fluctuations, Rich’s innovative designs have remained in demand. With Rich’s limitless creativity and our strategic branding campaign, we anticipate substantially greater growth for Top Floor Artisans this year.”

About Top Floor Artisans

Top Floor Artisans brings art, style and beauty with one of kind concrete pieces for every room.
A true artist and craftsman, Rich Hoadley is associated with the motto: “ARS GRATIA ARTIS” which translates to “Art for art’s sake.” He challenges potential clients to “defy ordinary.” “I do this because I love it, it’s a passion for me, and people see that in my work.”

About Integra Marketing Group, Inc.

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. has been creating solutions since 1989. We work with entrepreneurial businesses, with an overwhelming success rate behind us. We are solution based, making every decision with our clients’ profit in mind. Above all, Integra devises the Big Idea that will help our clients grow where they want to go.

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