September 19, 2011 Integra1

See What The Kenos Are Saying About IMG

Last weekend, Integra had a very special opportunity to assist one of our clients, Today’s Home, in putting on a really great event in which we had the Keno Brothers come into the store to meet some of their fans, media, and local designers.

The Keno Brothers, of certain ‘Antiques Roadshow‘ fame, have been very busy lately.  Their new show on Fox, Buried Treasure, just premiered last month and on top of that, they have also released a new line of furniture with Theodore Alexander.  Sure, these twin brothers seem to always be on the move, but they’re smiling and laughing all the while.

The event was a blast for all of the attendees.  The Kenos were as fun and friendly as you would ever expect them to be.  They signed autographs, met with each person, and talked plenty of their new furniture line.

Were you in attendance?  Check out some of the photos below and try to find yourself!  Missed out?  No worries, but try to make next time.  We’re always planning some great events for our clients so stay tuned for more from Integra!

P.S.  You think the Kenos are fun and energetic, look what they had to say about Chuck!

Chuck, it was great meeting you.  We think YOU have amazing energy.  Great job you did with the event!!  Thank you.

-Leslie Keno



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