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Our Next Entrepreneur Series Is Right Around The Corner

Limited Seminar Seating, Lock Up Your Seat Now
Registration For AMMO Is Officially OPEN!

Click Here or call the Integra Marketing Group office to lock up your seat – 724-200-0005

As part of our successful Entrepreneur Series, Integra Marketing Group will be holding our next conference series, A.M.M.O., at our facility on Thursday, October 20th.

A.M.M.O., known as Asset Management Marketing Opportunities, will be a conference on “Growing Your Business Using Your Existing Assets” with featured presenter Chuck Verrett, Founder and President of Integra Marketing Group, Inc.

This half-day workshop will give entrepreneurs the chance to ask Integra experts questions like “How do you even start to gain the attention of other businesses that are advertising right, and create a relationship with them?”

MCAN members are getting a “sneak peak” of A.M.M.O this weekend as Integra Marketing’s president, Chuck Verrett is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to give the special presentation. Chuck will be talking with members of MCAN about A.M.M.O., a strategy that Integra Marketing Group has been working on for a while and ready to unleash it to the world. It’s really interesting stuff, and great for all you entrepreneurs out there.

Registration for A.M.M.O. will be up on the Integra Marketing Facebook page October 6th, so save the date and make sure you stay tuned for more information on this upcoming event on October 20th!


Also, be sure to stick around for more details of IMG’s traveling, we’ve got a LOT going on in these coming weeks!

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