A non-profit social enterprise, Beaver Creek Candle is located in Lisbon, OH. The unique selling feature of these products is that the candle workers are all adults with developmental disabilities who hand-craft each candle product ranging from jar candles, ManCans (candles created in soup cans in manly scents) to speciality pie candles (that look and smell like the real thing). Their work is meticulous and the candles are superior, yet the visibility and market penetration outside of the local region is limited.

IMG guided Beaver Creek through a transformation to redefine the business opportunities for growth, product refinement, logo and packaging changes, trade show strategy, and created an entirely new sales distribution channel. IMG transformed the business model as well as the product line to appeal to a higher-end ‘gift-store’ marketplace, including (displays; counter and floor), sales brochures, gift packaging, product hangtags and pricing models. IMG created a new trade show booth, videos, digital ads and a new website. IMG also developed a new sales channel that included hiring a full-time sales rep as well as nine sales associates to relaunch the products in a five-state area, telling the true story behind these products.