An Italian based company that was struggling gaining a foothold in the US came to IMG to re-brand them as a ʻhigh-endʼ niche appliance company that positions them against their competition, as well as help build-out their dealership distribution network. While looking from the outside-in at their company, IMG realized that they had one thing that others didnʼt… “Theyʼre Italian!” and Italians are known for style and fashion. IMG launched Aristonʼs “Kitchen Fashion” concept at K-BIZ the Kitchen and bath Industry show in Vegas baby with a bang. Our creation of a two story booth included a runway right down the middle to take advantage of all those beautiful models in Vegas that would help Ariston showcase our appliances (in front of a bunch of appliance guys). Needless to say it was a hit (and a lot of fun for all).




Rebrand client's product as a high end, niche appliance