April 12, 2011 Integra1

When You Look in the Mirror, Does the Glass Break?

Last Wednesday, Integra Marketing Group traveled to the beautiful Montour Country Club to meet with the top producers of financial planning in the nation to present a marketing and advertising workshop.

The theme was Look in the Mirror. What do you see? More importantly, how do you convey what you see to your customer?

Most companies are too focused on being the biggest and the best, that they can’t see what they’re niche actually is.

In IMG’s case, we can’t say we’re the largest agency in the US, or the largest in PA. So rather than say we’re the largest on Jackson Street, which no one really cares about, we stress our niche — we only deal with the top guy at a company, only work with entrepreneurs and only do full campaigns, not piece work.

It’s okay to be number two, three or four! The point is to stand for something no one else can.

In every industry, there are certain brands that stand out for winning.

No, not that kind of winning.

Take our favorite example of branding — cars. There are thousands of car brands out there, and there isn’t really an over-all numero uno. But what about the different categories customers look for?

Safety?                            Performance?                         Value?

.       .        


So what do you see when you look at yourself? Have you figured out your niche? Now, how will you communicate it to your customer?


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