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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

Integra Marketing Group has recently started what will soon be known as the greatest blog in the universe. People have been urging us to blog for years, saying embarrassingly flattering things like “Oh IMG, we wish we could know what’s going on in those brains of yours! If only we could read it on neat paragraphs on the internet!”

Well, sure, that’s a perfectly good reason why anyone (especially IMG) would want to blog. However, there’s more to the picture than just imparting your immense wisdom upon the world. So we at IMG have outlined the top five reasons why your business should consider blogging.

5 – Blogs CAN Beat Press Releases

You know what Daddy’s reading with his morning coffee? Blogs. Blogs are subscribed to more than newspapers and magazines today, and users who are interested in your business will be watching your blog significantly more than your press releases. By making announcements over a blog posting, you are guaranteed to get the interest of those customers and share holders who will spread your message faster than wild fire.

4 – Increase Your Traffic (SEO)

Search engines love blogs. A blog that’s updated regularly provides fresh, keyword-rich content that search engines feed off of. This will cause your site to rank higher when potential customers search for your products and services and drive more traffic to your entire site. Linking your blog articles to your social media outlets puts that increase on steroids.

3 – Become the Authority

Like IMG, you may be the absolute best at what you do. But if no one knows it, then it’s all for loss. With a blog, your customers will hear what you’re saying, and hopefully, what you’re saying will be genius! The point is not to change the quality of your work, but rather to seize the opportunity for potential customers to get to know you and learn about your skill set. Suddenly, you’ll realize your getting a lot more respect for what you say.

2 – Creating Customer Loyalty

Just like courting a new beau, the more time you spend with your customers, the more they’ll fall head over heals. As you feature different aspects of your business, your readers are encouraged to do business with you. Featuring some of your best customers will solidify their relationship with you and make your top tier even more loyal. Most blogs will offer a subscription option through RSS and email, which means you will have opportunities to interact with subscribers every time a post is published.

1 – Keep Up with the Discussion

No matter what, people will talk about you. The only question is: will you talk back? Your blog allows you to host a conversation – to talk and listen to your customers. By addressing customer needs as they arise, your customers will see your dedication to them. But what will really make them stay on board your company’s train is what you do after you address them. Adapt to your customers needs, and you’ll win.

Of course, none of these points will happen for your business if you don’t stick to what you know. Don’t try to be someone else, or become an expert overnight. You’re in business for a reason, so tell your story and utilize your strengths.

In IMG’s case, you can expect our blog to feature topics such as guerrilla marketing, social media, brand positioning and public relations. We’ll showcase client examples, share tips and tricks and keep you informed on news and events. Believe us, now that we’ve unleashed ourselves on the blogosphere, we’re not going anywhere.

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