October 17, 2011 Integra1

The World of Engineering Listens to Integra

Last week, IMG was invited down to New Orleans for a special PTC conference in which we were able to host a couple of key presentations: one for our research on the company and another for social media utilization.  PTC, a world leader in CAD software sales, put an absolutely fantastic event in an amazing city and we couldn’t be happier to be included in the festivities.

So aside from eating alligator sausage, crawdads, and gumbo all week, I feel it’s safe to say that we really assimilated ourselves deep within the PTC culture, finding out what really makes the individuals -and company as a whole- tick.  We talked with so many great engineers and salespeople to get a broad look at the company.  The connections that we made at the event were rewarding on a professional level, but also a personal level.  The various networks that we associated with will provide us with valuable insights into the industry and allow us to provide PTC with more resourceful feedback and creative strategies.

            IMG Schedule

After all the mingling, and IMG did mingle, it was time to give our respective presentations which we came down for.  I gave a seminar on the importance and value of using social media tools to leverage business while Chuck and John gave a closed-door research presentation to some of PTC’s top influential employees.  In true Integra fashion, we delved far in-depth with the company to find out where they’re winning and losing particular battles.  Then we gave them a really game-changing way to work through the problems.

Chuck and John

Unfortunately we can’t divulge all the details of our plans, but all of us here are very excited about the future of both companies.

So PTC, we thank you for inviting us down to the event; and thank you New Orleans for sharing your unique culture.

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