March 9, 2011 Integra1

The Right Marketing Oil?

Integra Marketing Group specializes in the development of businesses within the Marcellus Shale marketplace. Our experience with trade shows, influence on the right media and connections to trade experts has allowed us to successfully package and sell products for businesses in the oil and gas market.

Can We Stand Out in the Rubble?

With our resources and tools, we know how to propel companies to the forefront of the market. Our dedicated team takes and in-depth look at business operations, analyzing every angle. Then we take what you’re good at and refine. We package your company as the authority in the market, creating top of the mind awareness for the big names in the business.

What Does it Take to Dig into a Profit

Since we deal primarily with entrepreneurial businesses, we understand the businessman’s mind. We know what you’re driven for – profit. To make this happen, you must market yourself correctly. As an expert in the Marcellus Shale marketing arena, we know how to effectively poise your business to compete … and win.

Drilling Down to the Issue:

Integra Marketing Group is looking for businesses that want to enter into, or expand their existence, in the Marcellus Shale industry. If your business is searching to find its profitable niche in the market, you may be the right fit for us. Call today to set up a meeting.