October 29, 2012 Integra1

The Integra Marketing Group assists Opening Business in Richwood, West Virginia to Fund Ministries

The new Richwood Creations WV Woodworking Facility at the Sheltered Workshop of Nicholas County in Craigsville has opened. The business has been formed as a combination effort from the First Presbyterian Church of Beaver, Pennsylvania, Young Life of West Virginia, and several people in Richwood included with the Family Center of Richwood.

The folks at First Presbyterian Beaver fell in love with the people of Richwood, including Chuck Verrett, founder and president of the Integra Marketing Group, New Galilee, PA. They were instrumental in the build-out and development of the Family Center of Richwood, five years ago. Then bringing a Young Life Ministry to Richwood two years ago and now as a way to continue to fund this and other Young Life Opportunities in West Virginia they are launching “Richwood Creations West Virginia”. “It is based on the philosophy of: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he can eat for lifetime”, said Chuck Verrett, from First Presbyterian Beaver, who has been involved in Richwood since a World Servant trip in 2004.

The business will be headed by Brad & Emily Weckesser, who moved to Fayetteville from Brunswick Ohio. Brad was an Industrial Arts teacher at North Ridgeville High School with a passion for the wood business. Emily is a Design student at Concord University. They are celebrated artisans who have created beautiful wood and pottery products over the years.

Read all about their story on the Richwood Ministries Blog at: http://richwoodministries.com/

The wood products that Richwood Creations West Virginia include Christian plaques, cutting boards, coasters, frames and other high end quality wood products. These products are available on line www.RichwoodCreationsWV.com


The wood products have been donated by Bill and Sharon Glassock, and the Collins Company for this project. “This is a great building block additional products that we can offer at the Sheltered Workshops with the Laser engraver and custom wood working”, said Jim Gamble, Executive Director of Sheltered Workshop where the new entity will be leasing space.

The business plans to sell its products to the public online, through retailers (such as hallmark Card Stores), at events through the summer as well on-line through websites such as ETSV.com.

The Integra Marketing Group was instrumental in strategic planning, marketing, developing all creative materials including fundraising efforts to raise the dollars needed to build this business as well as business planning, hiring and the eventual launch of this business venture.




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