June 6, 2012 Integra1

Tasty New Client

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Integra is very excited about our new client, Sincerely Yogurt. With its roots in Cranberry Township, PA, it has quickly become the fastest growing yogurt shop franchise in the state. With its rapid growth, the company aims to provide its healthier eating options to more people in Pennsylvania.

The concept of the store is a self serve yogurt bar, where the customers choose from a variety of yogurts and then add their favorite choice of toppings. Customers call the shots and are able to live up to their own high expectation of what frozen desserts should taste like. With a variety of options there are countless combinations for our customers to enjoy. Sincerely Yogurt Inc. focuses on providing a variety of products and services that will appeal to many demographics. The organization is dedicated to proving to its potential customers, that everyone has room for healthy alternatives in their lives.

We look forward to our future with Sincerely Yogurt and the opportunity to bring this already great company to the next level.

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