As a business owner, you may be so close to your company, you can’t see just where the problems lie. It may be time to bring in a third party entrepreneurial expert. It may be time for a QuestMark Analysis.


Designed by Integra Marketing Group, Inc. as a comprehensive instrument to get to the root problems of a company, the IMG QuestMark Analysis goes beyond the traditional SWOT. This in-depth investigative tool turns up threats and opportunities for your business you may have sensed in the past, but were never able to identify.


What you will receive as a result of your QuestMark™ Analysis:

  • Graded Report on Secret Shopping Findings.
  • Identify your most immediate problems and steps to remove roadblocks to growth.
  • Brand evaluation – a perception versus reality synopsis of your name and your brand.
  • Strategic Plan and Implementation Course to get your message to your target audience.


Integra Marketing Group, Inc. has successfully conducted the QuestMark Analysis for large and small businesses in a wide range of industries.


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