When Betsy Ann Chocolates came to Integra for a solution, automation had created a higher profit margin for their competition, but Betsy Ann was still known for hand made chocolates.

The strategy we chose was to transform Betsy Ann Chocolates from a “buy to eat” to a “buy to give” chocolatier. This would justify the higher price of Betsy Ann Chocolates.

As the keystone of the brand, we introduced the “Paras Truffle” as the premier luxury chocolate product in the Pittsburgh market.

In order to drive home the significant difference, when the Paras Truffle was launched, it was delivered by limousine to the South Hills Village Mall location of Betsy Ann Chocolates. A single Paras Truffle was transported on a pillow in a procession to the store that was heralded by the Pittsburgh town crier. The mystique of the Paras Truffle was successfully established.

The public’s perception of Betsy Ann as a luxury brand was achieved due to its association with the Paras Truffle, and Betsy Ann Chocolates became known as a “buy to give” brand.