Competition between micro breweries is heating up and Backcountry Brewery in Colorado engaged IMG to help them elevate awareness their product, image and increase customer traffic to beer outlets and retail stores sold in over 700 locations in two states.

IMG’s approach was multi-tiered with first updating the logo and creating a new website. Next was customer engagement through the distributor network developing a Sales Performance Incentive Funds (SPIF) program that engages both the sales team as well as the customers.

A national give-away competition was created for both markets, driving up sales and enhancement of product shelf space. Prizes were selected to complement the “Create Your Own Path” tag line. The competition elements included both digital and social media marketing elements, banner ads, shelf talkers, graphic t-shirts, custom beer mugs, tattoos, signage, wall plaques and display units, along with supplemental promotional events and materials. IMG even designed and produced custom-made beer tap handles.