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Nanocoating Plasma

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Nanocoating Plasma

Typical Inventor/ Entrepreneur Yuri

It sounds crazy, a physicist from Berkley comes up to me after finding out that I am a marketing guy and says:“Can you help me?” I put all my resources into building a state-of-the-art invention that will change the way the world thinks about replacement body parts forever.

Ok, you got my attention Yuri, now what…

Recently while at a trade show in Silicon Valley for 3D Printing, I ran into a gentleman that spoke broken English, who was walking around the show with a printed Power Point presentation that visualizes and explains what he had been working on for years and how he was able to bring it to life. He created a machine (for lack of a better word) that enables one to use silicon and ceramic to print [as does a 3D printer] objects that could be inserted into humans, thus replacing their body parts. I assumed he meant bones, and stints, etc., but who knows – that’s irrelevant to my point.

Yuri, explained that he has something that could change the world of medicine and wanted to know how and if my company could help him package and sell it to a larger medical group, investors, additional grant writers or sell it off. And I responded, of course, “If it is what you say it is, right? There’s only one problem…”

Yuri spent every resource he has developing, building, patenting what he can do, and has nothing left but to sell it off. No additional marketing or packaging or sales dollars what-so-ever.

While this may sound crazy – in my 25 years in the marketing business, this is ‘A Typical’ of what happens. We have seen many, many, many great inventions and concepts walk through our doors in search of a firm that will help them strike it BIG, once they are packaged, branded and the targeted prospect [those who want what they have] is identified. NO CRAP! That’s the hard part (OK, maybe not in all cases), but knowing who, how, and what they would spend to purchase what you have spent all your efforts to build, is kinda a ‘first step’ process wouldn’t you think?

On the opening page of our website it says: “96.5% of all US Patents are never monitored” that is: THEY DON’T MAKE A DIME! Many have spent years to develop, spent crazy money to make sure that no one can steal their idea or product with an attorney, and they have no idea how to make money with it. It goes on to say: “We concentrate on the 3.5%” in-other-words how to make money with it!

I so much wanted to tell Yuri this, but couldn’t. Who knows, maybe he will run into someone who would buy what he built. But, wouldn’t it be better if we had identified that BEFORE we started spending money to build the product? That’s the SALES DRIVEN Approach @IMG.

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