January 9, 2014 Integra1

Introducing BOOST!

In just 21 days, The Boost Team will turn your business on its ear and give your business a profit formula to grow your business to the next level

Boost is for entrepreneurs whose business has gotten old or stale.

Boost is for entrepreneurs who struggle with the mindset and strategy issues.

Boost is for entrepreneurs who need tactical advice to get more traffic and sales conversions

We will come in and turn over the stones; ask stupid and insightful questions and look at your branding, sales messages, public relations, social media, and outbound marketing initiatives from the business and customer perspective.


Week One: we brainstorm with your team and identify your pain points

Week Two: we unleash our creative genius

Week Three: we sober up and identify and refine the ideas and tactics with critical value that translates into making your business healthier.

Week Four:  Day 21, we present the Boost Marketing Idea (BMI) that will help you with the ideas that your business needs and can afford

While the BOOST idea may seem to be unconventional or even a new twist on a current process or sales technique; but it will make a difference in your business.

The BOOST  BONUS: You will also gain an additional two BOOSTER ideas that will enrich the power of  concept.

Warning: BMI are ideas and not finished programs but they will point you in the right direction to move your business forward.  Don’t try Boost unless you are ready to be successful.

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