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Integra Provokes Another Flash Flood of Winning Ideas

NEW GALILEE, Pa. (January 30, 2014)

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. hosted Leaders Serving Beaver County (LSBC) in a thought provoking exercise known in the industry as Flash Flood Brainstorming. IMG has conducted its own version of this exercise used for stimulating creative thinking in groups as diverse as a San Diego financial giant to small businesses as well as staff of churches in Pennsylvania.

Held in the IMG headquarters, which is housed in a converted and redesigned former church building, the teams were spread out throughout the commons area and executive offices. It did not take long for each team to become engaged and invested in the dynamic game-play and competition that are a part of the exercise.

“It was fun to watch the light bulbs go on for some of our local business leaders as my staff and I guided them through the series of exercises,” Charles Verrett, Integra president observed. “Every time we conduct one of these sessions, it’s a new and exciting experience for us, as we watch our clients’ experience this process for their first time.”

A follow up survey revealed that the participants were excited about the results as well.

It took me awhile to completely grasp the process, but listening to Chuck and the young fellow from IMG that was on my team, I found that it was a program that could help open minded leaders build their business and could help LSBC grow – Don

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was impressed with the process and the results. It is a crazy fun way to get people to think outside of the box – Jack

Integra Marketing Group, Inc. conducts Flash Flood Brainstorming for small businesses or for leadership within larger organizations or corporations. For more information on how IMG can turn the light bulb for you with a Flash Flood Brainstorming session contact Charles Verrett at chuck@img-group.com.

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