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IMG Marketing Workshops

Improve Your Marketing Knowledge in Just Two days!

Are you unhappy with your current marketing or sales initiatives?  Think there’s something more you can learn to improve your company?  We here at IMG want to help you out through our workshops designed specifically to teach you the value of marketing.

After receiving some very positive feedback from our latest successful workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight this great opportunity for your company.

Check out these quotes from our participants:

"I didn't realize how much I did not know about marketing until 
attending this event. The team at IMG has a wealth of knowledge
and they do a great job engaging the audience in the
learning process."
You provided our team with great ideas and information in a manner
that was high energy and will have a positive impact on how we
approach our business.

Our workshop takes place over a course of two days.  The program is designed for our audience to better appreciate marketing and how good marketing drives businesses to success.  So you may not walk out with all the knowledge of a marketing degree, but you will find a deeper appreciation and understanding of the finer details you might be overlooking.

During the sessions, we review a whole host of marketing topics and tools such as Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization & Websites, Webinars, Social Media, Strategic Planning, Solutions-Based Selling, and Tradeshows.  By the end of the workshop we discuss how each of these topics relates back to creating a solid marketing strategy for your company.  And unlike other similar demonstrations, IMG’s focus is to keep the listeners entertained and engaged throughout the course of the two days.  This is accomplished through audience participation, enthusiasm, and hands-on workshops.

Check out the picture gallery below  and some additional quotes for glimpse into the seminar!

Additional quotes from participants:

IMG did a great job in preparing and developing my team around how
to include marketing as a strategic part of their business.
I now understand how getting 10% better in marketing will lead to
25% more sales with very little effort!

Want to find out more information about our workshops?  Call us at 724-200-0005 or get in touch via e-mail at Contact@img-group.com

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