March 23, 2011 Integra1

How Sweet is Sauer!

Sauer Solutions

Utilizing Integra’s penchant for creating solutions, Heating and Air Conditioning expert J.A. Sauer Co. embarked on a branding journey that involved a comprehensive image overhaul.

“Niche them where they could be the best.”

J.A. Sauer Information Guide With DVD Video

Sauer, already a successful  commercial HVAC company in the Pittsburgh market,  hired us to get them into the residential game and make it a larger part of their business.

Owner Jack Sauer foresaw  that with the shift of the  economy there would be less need for commercial than residential work. With  that in mind, we looked at all their competitors in the market and found areas where they could win.

We told them, “you need to LOOK like the best.”

J.A. Sauer Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show Booth


And so we worked with them to gain that number one  position in the market.  That encompassed everything from the way they did advertising,  to their booth at the home  show, to the leave-behind  sales materials for potential and new customers.


An all-inclusive plan to be number one!

J.A. Sauer Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show Booth

Getting to #1 is a long road; and Sauer was wise enough to take the first step in the  journey. Integra trained the J.A. Sauer employees to market their company in a customer-centric way,  touching on every aspect of customer service and job category. We produced an all-inclusive road map to gain the number one position in the market.


We can do the same for you that we did for Sauer’s image transformation.