In 2010, Mr. Verrett purchased these windows from an antique dealer, to incorporate into the interior design of the IMG building. the leaded stained glass windows would provide further color scheme and design in the interior of the IMG headquarters’ renovated church space. The lovely window of Mary, the mother of Christ, and the dramatic conference room windows were salvaged from Ozark Immaculate Conception Church, located in Ozark, Ohio. Documents reveal that the original home of these windows was built in 1875 from timber growing nearby by carpenters Swab (of Woodsfield) and Godfrey (of Miltonsburg) and was torn down in 1981. Ozark became the mission church in 1880 when Woodsfield, Ohio first received resident pastors. The priests came to Ozark on the narrow- gauge Ohio River and Western Railroad, sometimes on a handcar courtesy of the Catholic section boss Rv. J. B. Weisinger. In 1887, Father Weisinger reported fifteen families there, for whom he offered Mass on any fifth Sunday of am onto and on two holy days each year. Regarding the cemetery adjacent to the church, he said, “I suppose it is blessed. glass2

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