January 25, 2013 Integra1

Brainstorming Sessions by IMG…

Whether it be for a church that has growing pains, or a business that needs to get its employees to help solve their marketing issues so that they have buy-in, IMG’s proven brainstorming sessions can be a great tool to extrapolate ideas from your employees.  The same techniques that Fortune 100 companies use to gain a better position in the marketplace are available to your business through the experts at the Integra Marketing Group, Inc.

These sessions are available in full or half day sessions that will leave you and your staff with more ideas than you could ever imagine, create a sense of unity and build relationships through very interactive methods of taking you away from your world in order to think out side of the box.

Look at this list of companies that use these same trademarked methods:

Just look at these quotes following a recent IMG Session:

“We had fun”

“The format definitely brings folks out of their comfort zone”

“Invites creative and even playful thinking”

“Pushes the envelope”

“Ultimately gave us ideas that will prove very helpful”

“I have never, in such a brief period, seen more ideas flow”


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