"96.5% of all U.S. patents are never monetized.
We concentrate on the 3.5%."
(How to make it profitable)

Providing creative solutions to entrepreneurial minded businesses since 1989.
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Our Creative Environment

We're a creative marketing agency located in New Galilee, Pennsylvania.

It wasn’t easy getting the church into working order — the walls, heating, and electric all had to be replaced. The facility is now fully functional with top-of-the-line appliances, new furnishings and state-of-the-art electronic devices. Luckily, not everything changed. Integra has kept the exterior almost identical to it’s original condition. That, partnered with the interior’s high ceilings and stained glass has kept the church’s genuine aesthetic.

EntreSolutions copy        IMG is proud to welcome you to our office in New Galilee, PA.



We delve into businesses from the inside out searching for something specific – opportunity.

We are about business development. The Integra Marketing Group Inc. has been creating solutions since 1989. We work with entrepreneurial businesses with an overwhelming success rate behind us. We are solution-based, making every decision with our clients’ profit in mind. Our strategies are designed to make our clients successful. Integra devises the ‘Big Idea’ that will help our clients grow where they want to grow and go where they want to go. We are not your father’s advertising agency. What we do for you may consist of any one of our specialties: marketing, advertising, public relations,and/or brand management.

IMG is a “MCAN company.” MCAN is commited to the principles of advertising agencies and marketing communications, and bound by a dedication to excellence in advertising, marketing, and business communications.We serve consumer, business to business, industrial, direct response, and retail clients from independent offices located throughout the United States and Canada. MCAN consists of a team of talented agencies in non-competing markets, who share ideas, resources, creative talent, and professional council to better serve our client base.

We strictly adhere to methods that WORK

IMG utilizes and promotes a series of marketing philosophies and exercises which are expertly packaged into the following programs:

Ideas to move your business to the NEXT LEVEL

Your company can benefit from these market-tested programs! Let the IMG professionals turn your business on it’s ear, and give you the profit formula to grow to the next level. It’s simple, just join us at our next event! Check back for upcoming events.


Case Studies

IMG has been delivering award-winning marketing solutions for organizations of all sizes since 1989.

Chrysler Corporation
Fundraising for Capital Expansion
Capital Campaign to Build New Facility
Tactically Planned Grand Opening for a New Logistics Company
BAKER Engineers
PA Cyber

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